Monday (9-22-08)

Today we…

    • completed a LAUNCH: Read over the following article about a bicyclist who was shot and killed in the Richmond District. Remind you of anything?
    • discussed the comic structure of “Knocked Up” and the tragicomic structure of “Juno” in small groups by answering the following questions:
    1. What are the flaws of the characters?
    2. How do the character flaws CREATE conflict?
    3. What are the opportunities to overcome these flaws?
    4. How was the outcome dependent on whether or not the characters overcame their flaws?
    5. Overall, do you think it is a comedy, tragedy, or tragicomedy? Why?
    • examined why the writer of “Knocked Up” decided to include a dramatic moment wherein the baby’s life is at risk.

      Homework (due Tuesday, tomorrow):

      • Last chance to turn in your two Mastery Assignments before you get transferred out of AP Literature!

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