Friday (10-3-08)

Today we…

  • Read a comic book version Oedipus Rex. Ku and I created this comic book because the story of Oedipus Rex is very important to know (not only for your general knowledge but also for our study of tragedy). However, reading the original text is not worth the time investment involved. (You can download the comic book as a pdf file.)
  • Plotted the major plot elements on our dramatic structure diagrams.

Homework: Due Monday (10-6-08)

  • We have classically defined tragedy in our class as a story where the characters bring about their own downfall due to their inability to overcome their tragic flaws. For refece, please see the “Plot Diagram for Comedies & Tragedies.” Yet, the story of Oedipus Rex is confusing because Oedipus clearly has a hamartia (hubris), but he also is basically screwed by fate (which means he didn’t have an opportunity to fix things). So, do you think the story of Oedipus Rex meets our class’s definition of a tragedy? Be sure to explain your answer with analysis/explanation (not just plot summary!).

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