Friday (10-10-08)

Today we…

  • Continued watching Stranger than Fiction and deepening our understanding of the theory behind Aristotle’s Poetics.

Homework: Due Monday (10-13-08)

  • Anagnorisis & Reading: Remember, anagnorisis is the Greek term for a great realization, epiphany, or (what Devin calls) the “Oh $h!t” moment. It plays a role in both comedies and tragedies. What is the role of anagnorisis in stories? First, discuss how Harold develops anagnorisis in the film Stranger than Fiction. Then, discuss three other texts we’ve studied in class (Narcissus myth, Knocked Up, Our Time is Up, Waiting, Oedipus Rex, etc.). [WRITE ONE PAGE]
  • Why do we read? Explain why we read. What’s the purpose? Is there another purpose in addition to the first one you came up with? Is there another purpose beyond that? Beyond that? What is the ultimate goal of reading? Here’s a related question that might help: What is the ultimate goal of writing literature? (Hint: One reason might be related to the other half of this assignment. [WRITE ONE PAGE]


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