Monday (11-3-08)

Today we…

  • Worked on the following assignment:

Proposition Speech Assignment:

You and your partner will research a California Proposition on the ballot tomorrow, November 4th. You will produce a 1 minute speech or advertisement (no less, no more) that persuades your audience of your viewpoint.

You will present your arguments on Wednesday, Nov. 5th. The winning side will receive a prize!

What You Need to Know:
•    What the proposition is actually about
•    Why people should vote for it
•    A rebuttal to your opponent’s argument (i.e. Why people shouldn’t believe your opponents)

Recommendations for Your Speech:
•    Find a few points to focus on (go for depth over breadth)
•    Use a persuasive method (use logic, appeal to emotion, reference an authority like scientists or professionals
•    You can use visual aides but you can’t use other people’s advertisements
•    Your argument must be truthful and rational (don’t resort to dirty tactics)

Homework: Due Tomorrow (Tuesday, 11-4-08)

Proposition Research Assignment:

•    Research all of the Propositions on this year’s ballot (1A-12).
•    Write up if you would vote “Yes” or “No” for each.
•    Explain why you would vote this way in at least two sentences.

Due Nov. 4th at the beginning of the period


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