Monday (1-5-09)

Today we…

  • Collected the V for Vendetta mini-essay that was due today.
  • Studied the definition of utopia and dystopia along with several examples from film and literature.
  • Answered some short questions about how V for Vendetta is an example of a dystopian film.
  • Watched the beginning 15 minutes of V for Vendetta since most students didn’t do their Winter assignment(!)
  • You can download a copy of today’s reading and assignment as a pdf or doc file.

Homework: Due Tomorrow (Tuesday, 1-6-09)

  • Write the most straightforward mini-essay EVER that answers the following question: How is V for Vendetta an example of dystopian film? Why did Alan Moore decide to write it as a dystopia? Be sure you balance summary with analysis.

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